reared as nature intended

The UK suckler beef herd is the second largest in Europe after France. It is made up of dedicated beef breeds including some native to the British Isles. The calves get to stay with their mothers for up to nine months. They graze natural pasture including meadows, marsh and moorland that represent precious carbon-trapping herbage which would otherwise be under-utilised. They spend maximum time outdoors, they are healthy, they require minimal antibiotic usage, they are, by and large, easy calving; they are welfare rich.

New opportunities are emerging where the benefits of this traditional beef production system could be recognised by the consumer, by the retailer and by Government.

This is our industry’s chance to tell our story and to champion our herd.

The Suckler Beef Producers Association will fly the flag for the industry, achieve product differentiation, increase consumer awareness and drive stronger supply chain partnerships which fairly reward the producers and help turn abstainers into consumers. 

Why is our suckler beef special?

Because it’s reared as nature intended!

To drive this initiative forward, our aim is to set up a dedicated Suckler Beef Producers Association to achieve product differentiation, increase consumer awareness and develop supply chain partnerships which reward our natural beef production.

For more information please contact:

Jilly Greed

Co-founder of Ladies in Beef

07850 554713    

David Barton

Gloucestershire Beef Farmer

07727 124335     

Lee-Anne Oliver

Lee-Anne Oliver

Veterinary Surgeon

07701 090118    

Interested in joining us?

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